Lancaster Bomber “Guy Gibson” wind feature with Guy Martin - Limited Edition

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In 2021 I found myself working alongside Guy Martin for his latest series Guys Garage available to watch on channel 4 on demand. We featured in the Landrover episode 3 and throughout filming we struck up a common interest in Ww2 and all things engineering.  I then approached him with an idea that I had already started working on and he was behind it 100%.Lancaster Bomber wind feature mark one was first built out of offcuts from the Land Rover build in the series Guy`s Garage. This is  1/25th  scale model of the Lancaster ( 4ft wingspan) manufactured out of 2mm and 2.5mm aircraft grade aluminium. All parts are pre formed in the UK to allow simple construction by bolting and riveting together.The planes are finished in bare aluminium form. This comes with some surface scratches from the laser cutters and there is nothing we can do about that. We recommend the components are surface polished with Scotch-brite which will remove the scratches and give a much better finish as well.This batch which we have made with Guy Martin is limited to the 49 aircraft, they will be sold in serial number order based on when the orders are completed. All fuselages are individually etched with an individual airframe number and have a matching documentation included signed by Guy Martin.The practical stuff.The build time is approximately 1 hour and we have developed an instruction video where myself and Guy build it together. You can do this on your own too but an extra pair of hands for a few parts of the build would be handy (excuse the pun)Tools needed for constructing are 10mm spanner, 13mm spanner, 17mm spanner, 4mm and 5mm Allen keys and a pop rivet gun. If you haven’t got a pop rivet gun, they are available for around £10 online but the cheap ones are sometimes hard work to use so we recommend buying or borrowing a higher quality one. For the purpose of the video, we use my electric riveter which in my opinion is the best tool ever. These are around £150 as a guide.

For each Guy Gibson Lancaster bomber wind feature sold, we are donating £10.00 to the Just Jane Lancaster rebuild project

We have made a video of how to assemble your Lancaster bomber Build video 

 Don’t forget to show us pictures of your Lancaster’s once you have built and mounted them in position. Guy has said if he sees one, he will stop and check you have all your bolts and washers pointing the correct way!