Lancaster bomber wind feature 8ft wing span kit ED932 , NX611 and PA474

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29/09/2022 These have now been manufactured and will be ready for collection very soon. We have manufactured 1 extra Guy Gibson plane which we will have in stock, so the stock level has been amended for that model.

Collection only Please contact if you want a quote on postage.

This is a double size version of our other Lancaster bomber kits, the wing span is 8ft and is designed for use on large buildings as shown on Our Tornado workshop and Guy Martins Workshop.

They take around 1 hour to assemble, included in the kit are all the rivets, nuts, bolts and washers. You will need to purchase the mounting screws or bolts depending what you are going to attach the bracket to.

Unlike the other Aircraft listings, this is a Pre Manufacture order for a period of 2 weeks  till the 18/09/2022 then the listing will end and the kits will be manufactured aiming for being ready to collect mid October. 

Due to the fact these are ordered pre manufacture we can offer you the chance to order the fuselage you want out of the list. NX611 and PA474 are the same price and ED932 is extra £25 due to the rotating Bouncing bomb.

Serial numbers will start at zero for all 3 fuselage types.

Instructions for assembly are included and like the other Lancaster bomber kits they include signed AM78 Aircraft forms by Guy Martin.

Most of the assembly is similar to the smaller planes and for an idea of what's involved watch our Build Video

This is  1/12th  scale model of the Lancaster ( 8ft wingspan) manufactured out of 2.5mm aircraft grade aluminium. All parts are pre formed in the UK to allow simple construction by bolting and riveting together.

These planes feature a Double Fuselage with 10mm spacing which has the benefit of the markings reading correct from both sides.

 The planes are finished in bare aluminium form. This comes with some surface scratches from the laser cutters and there is nothing we can do about that. We recommend the components are surface polished with Scotch-brite which will remove the scratches and give a much better finish as well. 

For each 8ft Lancaster bomber wind feature sold, we are donating £20.00 to the Just Jane Lancaster rebuild project 

Due to the size these are available for collection only, depending on location delivery could be arranged but please email first to discuss.

The listing is for full payment upfront, if you would rather pay 50% upfront and 50% on collection, please Email and we will send you an invoice with our bank details on.

If you want a normal size Lancaster bomber (4ft) and see they are all out of stock, please email us and we will keep you informed if they are coming back on sale.

Please don`t forget to send in your pictures of the completed Planes